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Articles - Benefits of On-Farm Composting

Farmer's Use of Composted Manure on Crop Fields/Pastures Rather than Using Raw Manure

Composted Manure:

  • Gives a slow release of nitrogen back to the soil and plant intake.
  • Binds the P to compost particles, reducing Phosphorous runoff.
  • Kills manure pathogens (bacteria) yet provides bacteria beneficial to soil.
  • Kills weed seeds.
  • Increases soil moisture retention in sandy soils.
  • Adds porosity which provides moisture drainage for heavy clay soils.
  • Aerates soil if worked into the topsoil.
  • Increases water holding capacity - especially helpful in dry weather.
  • Compost doesn't add any chemicals to soil as fertilizer does.
  • Decreases future years requirement of herbicide chemical treatment.
  • Decreases future years requirement of pesticide chemical treatment.
  • Decreases future years fertilizer requirements.
  • Adds organic matter to soil, fertilizer does not.

Advantages of AG-BAG composting system:

  • No weather or changes in weather conditions concerns.
  • Control of odors produced from raw or lagoon manures & control of leachate (runoff) concerns.
  • Less composting maintenance compared to any other method of composting.

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