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Articles - Nutrition In A Nutshell

James DeMatteo received his BS from Pennsylvania State University in agricultural economics. He worked for Purina Mills for 5 years doing nutritional sales work for hogs, poultry and dairies. In 1982, he built PennStar Milling, and then PennStar Nutritional Services, and continued this business for 12 years consulting with dairies in the Northeast. He also worked as a management consultant for Pillsbury/Green Giant Company. Jim is presently employed by Cargill, Inc. and works with numerous dairy herds that have over 1,000 cows each in the Southwest US. He writes a column for the quarterly Ag-Bag Advantage® newsletter.

Now you see it, now you don't!

The truth is, a truck scale is one of the biggest moneymakers on the farm. First you have to measure what the reality is today in shrink expense, before you can measure your results in shrink control.

Hay crop silage as an alternative to dry hay.

As a hay farmer you know that the precursor to a good rainstorm is often the cutting of a prime field of hay. This previously explained mystery is prompting more and more hay farmers to move towards hay crop silage as an alternative to dry hay.

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