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Ag-Bag has always been on the forefront of new and creative ideas.

Our team of forage experts has over the years spent a considerable time and energy working to further expand techniques, methods, and systems that will provide a higher quality feed at a lower cost.

During the past 25 years, our research has taken place at Universities, Forage Research Centers, and commercial operations in conjunction with University personnel.

The early research was done at Brigham Young University during the 80's and was designed to measure the dry matter losses in silage bunkers. The study originated because the accounting staff at the University wanted the farm manager to be accountable for the missing feed. They were convinced someone was stealing feed from the bunker. The Farm manager convinced them to conduct a study which measured all feed into the bunker and all feed out. The out come of the study over a three year period show an average Dry Matter losses of 23%.

Subsequent research showed the economic advantages of bagging forages compared to baled hay. Again, it showed a big advantage to the forage production as well as milk production to feed all forages in a dairy ration and no dry hay.

The University of Wisconsin conducted Forage trials that compared the economics and safety of storing feed in a bunker, tower silo and silage bags. The three system were compared based on initial investment, storage costs, and increased milk production, forage quality and farm safety. The results showed without a doubt the economics was most favorable using bagged silage.

Subsequent research has been done through the years with Washington State University. The research team has looked at forage production, crop types, animal health issues, and recently conducted research on bagged corn silage compared to a bunker silo. They also conducted studies that compared bunkers to silage bags using the Ag-Bag system. The results were impressive and can be found at

Forage research has been conducted at Kansas State University and consists of animal feeding trials comparing DMI and digestibility on animals that received spoiled silage as part of the feed ration. DMI were higher on cows eating quality feed from the Ag-Bag system. The results can be found at

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