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Silage Bag Mounting Instructions


  1. Remove Silage Bag from it's box. Cut BLUE cords, see Illustration A. Do not cut remaining WHITE cords until the bag is loaded on the tunnel.
  2. Unfold the flat lying position. (shown below)
  3. Place the Silage Bag between the tunnel and the back stop. The black folded edges of the bag should face the tunnel. The white folded edges should face the backstop.
  4. Mount the Silage Bag onto the bagging machine. Make sure the bag is pushed as far forward as possible. Rotate the Silage Bag 1/4 turn to level plastic on holding pan under the tunnel. (Logo should be on the side of the tunnel)
  5. Remove remaining cords.
  6. Grasp plastic at lower INSIDE edge (where it will lie on ground when filled). Pull out 8-10 feet of the bag.
  7. Attach stretch rope and seal free end.
  8. Double check to see that the Silage Bag is not binding on the machine, that the rope and pan are properly fastened and the Silage Bag is located correctly on the tunnel.
  9. When filling the Silage Bag, use TOP OF HYPHEN "-" TO BOTTOM OF LEAF OUTLINE as an indicator to keep form over filling. See Illustration B above. The Stretch Measurement with a properly filled bag, is not to exceed 5.5" in height. DO NOT EXCEED 5.5" IN HEIGHT. With high moisture forages, cereal silage and winter forages, extra room is needed for expansion and settling. Under these conditions, DO NOT stretch the bag!
  10. The red piece of tape near the logo indicates five folds remain until the end of the bag. Be sure to leave enough plastic to allow for closing of the bag.
  11. After filling, seal the untied end as soon as possible. To reduce gas build up, vent bag immediately by placing a 3" to 4" strip of enclosed repair tape at eye level on one end of the bag. Make a 1-inch "X" through the tape and bag. Allow to vent for about 48 hours, then reseal with another piece of tape.

CAUTION!!! Breathing silage gases can be extremely hazardous!

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