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T7170 Ag-Bagger


The T7170 Pull-Type Ag-Bagger features increased forage capacity and many operational improvements. These improvements are based on dealer and customer input increasing overall performance while improving serviceability and transportability.

Full Description

Revolutionary Rotor

The New Revolutionary Rotor has twice as many teeth across the entire rotor taking smaller bites of forage for continuous flow. With smaller bites of forage, this means increased density and greater feedstuff compaction in the Genuine Ag-Bag.

Forage Distributor

The Forage Distributor evenly distributes forage over the entire Revolutionary Rotor for faster unloading and increased capacity of Genuine Ag-Bags. The Forage Distributor is hydraulically driven and features paddle tines at ends to prevent crop build-up.

Single Wider Conveyor

  • 12” Wider for more capacity
  • Taller sides for wind protection
  • Stainless, replaceable, reinforced floor
  • Increased reliability and less maintenance compared to previous split conveyor models

Sweeping Tunnel Cleanout

New for the T7170, the Sweeping Tunnel Cleanout uses hydraulic cylinders to sweep remaining crop out into the Ag-Bag when finished. This feature reduces labor, time and plastic usage when finishing and starting a new Ag-Bag.

Removeable Stripper Bar Plates

Now with the Sweeping Tunnel Cleanout, users have access to this area to replace the stripper bar plates either as one complete plate or in smaller sections.


With the T7170, serviceability and operation controls have been designed to give operators easy to use controls, easy access for machine upkeep and a cleaner environment.

The Operator Station includes:

  • All machine controls in one place
  • Grease gun bracket with grease fitting bank for entire machine in one place
  • Oil bracket to store lubrication for chain maintenance
  • Easy to open shields for chain inspection
  • Integrated toolbox for convenience and storage


The T-Series introduces a better way to transport Ag-Bag Pull-Type Baggers. The new hitch design changes towing direction placing the tunnel on the side of the road to keep the tunnel out of the on-coming lane of traffic. This results in better visibility while maintaining the 8.6-foot travel width. In addition, the T7170 has a hydraulic and manual jack system standard on all machines to quickly change between transport and Ag-Bagging.

Inoculant Package

To ensure top quality feed Ag-Bag recommends the use of specially formulated Ag-Bag Inoculants. Both liquid and granular inoculants along with applicators are available to help ensure top quality feed.

The Feed Quality Solution

Ag-Bag® has pioneered the system and the solution for creating high quality feed. It goes way beyond simply putting feed in a bag. It means having the right machine, the right packing design, along with the bags and inoculants designed to complete the process.

Tunnels & Tunnel Extensions

T7170 comes standard with either a 9-foot or 10-foot tunnel. A 9-foot or 10-foot Middle Tunnel Extension is also available as an option. With the middle tunnel extensions, crop can be packed against steel for greater compaction and density before moving into the Genuine Ag-Bag.

Genuine Ag-Bag Accessories

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