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Composting Machines


Designed for the small volume operator, without sacrificing speed or efficiency. The CT-5 works in conjunction with the 5'x200' EcoPOD and has a storage capacity of approximately 76 tons or 190 yards.

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Designed for the extra large volume operator who requires the convenience of a hopper and the capacity of the larger EcoPOD. The CT-10SL works in conjunction with the 10'x200' EcoPOD, which has the storage capacity of 200 tons or 500 yards per EcoPOD.

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Composting Benefits

  • Diversion of organics from landfills: With municipalities working under mandates to reduce the waste entering landfills by as much as 70%, composting is proving to be a practical, environmentally friendly, and cost effective way to meet those goals.
  • Reduced cost of waste collection and disposal: By composting food wastes on-site, institutions such as universities, schools, hospitals, military bases, correctional institutions, and others can reduce their waste stream by up to 50%. Compost can be sold for even more reduction in waste disposal expenditures.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas production at landfills/feedlots: Composting organic waste decreases the amount of methane gas generated in landfills/open waste sites.
  • Composting reduces pathogenic organisms, harmful insects, and weed seeds being released into the environment: The relatively high temperature at which compost is "cooked" kills harmful bacteria such as E-coli and salmonella, weed seeds, and insects.
  • Decreases the need for commercial fertilizers: By using compost, you reduce the amount of commercial fertilizer used, reducing the reliance on petroleum based fertilizers.
  • Compost enriches the soil: Compost adds nutrients, helps maintain the correct soil Ph, increases water retention, reduces water runoff, and increases the nutrients actually available to the plants.
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Composting Projects

U.S. Installations
Wisconsin Municipality Since 1994 yard waste, green waste
Wyoming Air Force Base Since 1995 yard waste, green waste
California Landfill Since 1995 yard waste, green waste, biosolids
California Zoo Since 1995 animal manure, straw, yard waste
West Virginia Composter Since 1997 poultry litter, cardboard, sawdust
Florida Air Force Base Since 1998 MSW, biosolids, wood waste
Maryland Dairy Since 1999 dairy manure, wood chips, hay
Ohio Custom Composter Since 1999 manure, yard waste
New York Municipality Since 1999 biosolids, leaves, wood chips
Massachusetts Composter Since 2000 food waste, wood waste
California University Since 2000 rice straw, cow manure
California Army Base Since 2000 biosolids, yard waste
Washington Composter Since 2000 yard waste, green waste
California Hauler/Composter Since 2000 food waste, yard waste
California Hauler/Composter Since 2001 yard waste, green waste
New York Composter Since 2001 food waste, yard waste
California Air Force Base Since 2001 biosolids, wood waste
Oregon Municipality Since 2001 biosolids, wood waste
Wisconsin Dairy Since 2001 dairy manure, bedding, straw
International Installations
French Composter Since 1999 manure, food waste, tree bark
Korean Composter Since 1999 wood chips, saw dust, MSW
Canary Islands Ag Inst. Since 2000 food waste, yard waste
Japanese Farmer Since 2000 feedlot cattle manure, bedding
Italian Distributor Since 2000 yard waste, wood waste, food waste
Swedish Distributor Since 2001 mixed organics
Canadian Municipality Since 2001 biosolids
Spain Composter Since 2001 mixed organics
Swedish Waste Company Since 2001 bioremediation of oil sludge
Swedish Municipality Since 2002 MSW, yard waste, wood waste

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