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Ag-Bag – The First Name in Silage Quality

Ag-Bag provides lower cost feed storage solutions for every size of farm. You will benefit from lower feed storage costs and less feed loss.

Ag-Bag provides a way to reduce costly shrinkage and to give your cows the kind of nutritious and palatable silage they prefer. The Ag-Bag system is proven to be the ideal environment for preserving high quality, highly digestible feed that raises production and herd health levels.

Ag-Bag continues to lead the industry with innovation and modern manufacturing methods. Our commitment is evident with the introduction of the LX1214 Professional Ag-Bagger and the MX1012 Commercial Ag-Bagger.

Ag-Bagger - the largest - highest capacity - most productive silage bagger available today.

Look to Ag-Bag for the economics of lower cost storage, significantly reduced storage losses, a convenient way to segregate feed types, and industry-leading resale value.


As Written by Jay Elshoff 6/29/2016

Golden Hills Sales began in 1978, by accident, as an outgrowth of Golden Hills, our Registered Holstein Cattle prefix since 1945. We had been looking for a better way to store forages, particularly haylage, in order to reduce the difficulty of daily green chopping forage. We considered various additional silos. i.e. concrete silo, "sealed concrete" silo and Harvester type silo, but each of these presented unacceptable drawbacks. We happened to see a small advertisement about packing forage into plastic bags. The company would be at the Louisville Farm Show in February. We asked my cousin to visit the booth. Soon a young man from AG-BAG , Art Schutte, appeared at our door with a story that made sense to us. He sold us an Eberhart Silopress, model 401 imported from Germany. He delivered the machine and helped us start bagging.

AG-BAG had just been formed and was developing a US made Ag-Bagger in Blair, Nebraska and Art wondered if we would be interested in becoming a dealer. We said "OK" and Golden Hills Sales began. It would turn out to be over a year before we sold our first Bagger.

Having one of the first baggers, if not the very first bagger in Ohio, created a bit of a novelty, which gave us some initial exposure to possible sales, having bagged at our farm and done some custom work for neighbors.

Initially, many of us thought of the bagger as a means of adding storage capacity easily with great flexibility, but when we saw the QUALITY of the bagged feed, we realized we were achieving much more. All of us early in Ag-Bag became zealots for Quality stored forages. All of our sales began with the idea of achieving better quality at the feed bunk having preserved more quality and quantity through storage than any other system.

As the technology advanced, both in the development of machines and plastic, there were many adventures, some of which were quite challenging, but we kept calm and carried on. (sometimes not so calm). The annual dealer meetings with company staff and management were great times for educating, learning, socializing, and sightseeing; frankly quite exciting.

At Golden Hills Sales we soon realized that we couldn’t service adequately everyone in our area. As we added to our sales force, we found the best representatives of the Ag-Bag System used the system themselves, both on their farms and as custom operators. These were the folks who became our associates. We expanded our stocking associates to six additional locations, providing easier access for our customers. Our custom operations provide service for those not owning their own baggers. These units also provide excellent used machines for sale.

As Golden Hills Sales moves into our 37th year with Ag-Bag, please visit our web site at where you will find all our associates listed, many of whom have been with us for over 30 years. We count them among our best friends and would not have succeeded without their work and support. Another of the most rewarding benefits of an Ag-Bag dealership is the relationships we have established with all our customers. We count ourselves privileged to be in this business.

We started with one bagger model, that used one size bag, yet the basic storage concept remains the same: Better feed, less loss, and more flexibility for any size operation.


Ag-Bag Corporation was founded by a group of five Agri-Businessmen who owned and operated Cattle Ranches, Dairies and Feed Mill operations as well as a manufacturing business.

These five entrepreneurial men had experience with a concept that was started in Germany in the 1970's. They liked the concept of silage bagging and were very impressed with the quality of the feed. The group soon discovered the German system was too small and too slow for the U.S. market and visited the German manufacturer to request some modifications for the U.S. market. They were told "no, the machine came in one size and one style only".

The concept worked well and the quality of feed was exceptional so the five investors made a decision to form their own company. Ag-Bag International was formed in 1978. Many changes were made to the machines to adapt to the U.S. market and Ag-Bag applied for their own patents. In 1989 the company acquired the patents and purchased the business of a former competitor, Silopress.

Starting in a small trailer house on a founder's dairy in 1978, Ag-Bag quickly moved progressively thru three other larger facilities. In January of 1990 Ag-Bag moved into a new 30,000 square foot facility in Warrenton, Oregon.

Ag-Bag also had a plant in Blair , Nebraska which assembled the baggers going to the Midwest and East coast as well as warehousing the silage bags. In the fall of 1996, the Blair, Nebraska personnel moved into a 70,000 square foot facility.

In late 2004 the assets of Ag-Bag were purchased by Miller-St. Nazianz, Incorporated in Wisconsin. Miller-St. Nazianz had been in business since 1899 serving Agriculture worldwide providing forage harvesting equipment and crop application technologies.

In the fall of 2014 Miller-St. Nazianz decided to sell their wholly owned assets to CNH Industrial. This was after having had an OEM agreement under the New Holland brand since 2010 with their sprayer application equipment. Ag-Bag was also encompassed in this asset sale and became part of the Specialty Products lines within the New Holland organization incorporating the Ag-Bag's dealer network.

In November of 2019 Ag-Bag was then acquired by RCI Engineering in Mayville, WI from CHN Industrial (New Holland). RCI had a history of working closely with Ag-Bag products since 2011 by performing engineering and prototype manufacturing services for the product line.

Ag-Bag for over 40 years has been a clear leader in the silage bagging industry. RCI Engineering continues this tradition with more than just the Ag-Bag name.

As a company, we have made significant investments to surround our products with technology, from design and engineering, through manufacturing and testing. Ag-Bag by RCI products stand apart from the rest for their smart design and down to earth practicality. Their performance is industry leading, yet their design doesn't get in the way of providing for easy maintenance and service.


  • G6060 with 8' or 9' Interchangeable tunnel, pull-type with side conveyor filling
  • G6170 with 9' or 10' Interchangeable tunnel, pull-type with side conveyor filling
  • AB1214 Professional self-propelled silage bagger with 12' or 14' interchangeable tunnels and feed table
  • Genuine Ag-Bag silage bags –
  • Ag-Bag Inoculant
  • Genuine Ag-Bag Parts

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