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Environmental - Composting Machine CT-5

Composting Machine CT-5

The Ag-Bag Environmental CT-5 compost system is designed for the small volume operator, without sacrificing speed or efficiency. The Ct-5 works in conjunction with the 5’x 200’ EcoPOD and had a storage capacity of approximately 76 tons or 190 yards.

Full Description


The patented design incorporates a hydraulic ram, which pushes the material through the tunnel and into the EcoPOD. It is equipped with a 13 hp Honda engine (with an option for a 10 hp Yanmar diesel engine) to power the hydraulics and features a remote control unit to operate the ram, making this system efficient and easy to use. The feed hopper will hold approximately 3.5 yards of material at one fill. By pushing the hydraulics ram forward and leaving it extended against the material, the product remains confined. Retracting the ram prepares the hopper for another load of material.

An optional air receiver tank can be installed on the machine to hold the perforated pipe for feeding into the EcoPOD. This allows the EcoPOD to be aerated and odor to be controlled at any stage of filling. If an excess of two weeks time is required to fill one EcoPOD, the composting stages become varied throughout the bag, prolonging composting time overall. This is the only system available to do small batches on a continual basis. To start a new EcoPOD: place the POD plastic on the tunnel, open the air receiver, put in a new roll of pipe, and start filling.

Standard Equipment Includes

  • 5' tunnel uses 5'x 200' EcoPOD
  • 3-stage 48" telescopic cylinder - pushes material through in one stroke
  • 31" tires with 1-ton hubs
  • 13 hp Honda engine
  • 2-Mico disk brakes per wheel for compaction control
  • Adjustable hitch - fits various size tractors
  • 27-gallon inoculum tank w/spray applicator and nozzle tip
  • Bag pan assembly
  • Pipe reel holder
  • Self-contained hydraulic tank and pump
  • Accessories include: Masterseal tool, vent valve tool, and temperature probe
  • OPTIONAL Equipment: Air receiver tank with viewing window, 5' diameter by 30" deep, 10 hp Yanmar Diesel Engine


Length 16'
Width 8'
Height (to hopper top) 6'
3.5 Yard Hopper 10' wide fill throat
10' Long Chamber -
Weight 6,000 lbs.
Fill Rate 1+ Tons Per Minute

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