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Ag-Bag Inoculant is a newly formulated line of inoculant products designed to be uniquely effective for the Ag-Bag silage fermentation process.


Full Description

What is Ag Bag Inoculant (ABI)?

ABI is combination of University recommended LAB (lactic acid producing bacteria); L. plantarum and P. pentosaceus.

How does ABI work? What does it do?

When properly applied, ABI delivers the industry recommended 100,000 cfu's of LAB's per gram of forage.

Ag-Bag lactic acid bacteria convert plant sugars to lactic acid, dropping the pH rapidly for a cooler, more rapid fermentation which reduces dry matter loss while preserving protein and overall forage quality. Research has shown inoculated forages can improve animal performance. Feed color, smell and palatability are also typically improved.

ABI is research backed.

ABI is backed by independent University research trials conducted across a wide range of different types of silages.

Which crops should ABI be added to?

Use Ag-Bag Inoculant with any forage that experiences a fermentation including alfalfa, grass, corn silages and high moisture corn.

Which type of storage structures can ABI be used with?

Although ABI is particularly effective as part of the Ag-Bag system, it also works well with all types of storage facilities including bags, bunkers, piles, tower silos and oxygen limiting silos.

What's the bottom line?

Ag-Bag Inoculant produces higher quality feed. Typically a $1 investment in ABI will return $3 in improved production.

How is it packaged?

Water soluble is packaged in foil lined, heat sealed packets:

  • 100 gram packets treat 50 tons of forages (10 pkts/cs)
  • 500 gram packets treat 250 tons of forages (10 pkts/cs)

Dry applied in pails.

  • 50 lb. pails treat 100 tons of forages (48 pails/pallet)

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